Keynote Lecture
US and ESC heart failure guidelines – Contrast and similarities
C. Yancy, USA

Plenary sessionSanofi logo
PCSK-9 inhibitors in high risk patients 
G. Steg, France
Sponsored by Sanofi

Luncheon Symposium IBoehringer Ingelheim Logo
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim
The changing treatment paradigms in diabetes: A role for cardiologists 
A. Grossman, Israel

Luncheon Symposium IIAstraZeneca logo
Sponsored by AstraZeneca
DAPT in HRPMI patients: From beginning to end 
M. Bonaca, USA

Is aspirin enough in DM patients?
G. Steg, France

Panel Discussion
Moderator: D. Hasdai, Israel
Panel members: M. Bonaca, USA; G. Steg, France; D. Zahger, Israel

Luncheon Symposium IIINovo Nordisk logo
Sponsored by Novo Nordisk

New perspectives on managing CV risk in T2D
R. Beigel, Israel

Renal outcomes in T2D – the role of Glp-1RA
A. Cahn, Israel